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Have you ever taken some time to ask yourself what really makes Portugal the ultimate golf destination for a lot of enthusiasts?

What makes Portugal the perfect golf destination?

Most people are aware of the fact that if you ever want to enjoy some fine golfing in the European continent, you cannot miss out on a chance to go to Portugal. There are lots of golf courses here that will leave you astonished, courses and resorts that are so heavenly designed. Most of them are designed by legendary golf course architects, and this further explains the main reason why it takes so many people some serious thinking before they choose to skip on Portugal for another country.

The main reason why Portugal is perhaps the go to country for a lot of golfers is because it has much more than just golfing to offer. Portugal is one of the best tourism destinations around the world, and golf is just but one of the highlights of your trip if you happen to come down here. It does not matter whether you choose to enjoy the city life in Lisbon or if you want to delve down to Algarve and experience the best golfing escapade so far, there is always something for you in Portugal, something that you can certainly appreciate.

It does not come as a surprise therefore that this is one of the top twenty golfing destinations all over the world. Think of the natural beauty and the fact that this country enjoys sunshine all year round and you can understand why it is such a lovable destination.

The crystal clear seas have been an attraction for years, luring visitors and holiday makers from all over the world. On the sea shores you get a wealth of incredible holiday activities, which would appeal to the most discerning of travelers worldwide. For this reason therefore, it helps to consider taking some time down to Portugal to relax, unwind and of course, play some golf!

The coastline in Portugal has for so many years been associated with what holiday dreams are made of. Of course we cannot even start debating the fact that this is perhaps one of the best destinations for golfers worldwide, because the records speak for themselves. Only the best destinations can host some of the elite golf tournaments so far as has been the case with Portugal over the years, so this is not even an argument.

While addressing the coastline of this great nation, we must also not forget to address the fact that the country boasts some of the finest resorts in the world. These resorts are not just your average resorts because they also have in them wellness and health spas which help the revelers get the best out of their holiday experience in Portugal so far. The scenery is always tranquil too, adding to an already overflowing beauty that cannot be ignored.

With a coastline that has more than 200 blue flag beaches, there is a good chance that you would definitely want to combine this tourist scenery with a good round of golf with your friends, after playing on some of the best golf courses the world has ever had so far.

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Those who are adventurous area also able to take some time after their golfing exploits, to enjoy some of the country’s deep sea fishing expeditions, among a host of other water sporting activities that line the sea shore. Truly Portugal is paradise not just for the avid golfer, but it is one place where anyone would be happy to visit at any time of the year.


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