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Pitching Pre-Shot Routine Basics Every Golfer Should Know

A routine before every shot helps you develop consistency and feel at ease, when you make your shot. When you are aiming at getting your best low score or you are under pressure to perform at a competition, having a consistent pitching pre-shot routine helps relieve the pressure and make you play your best.

Knowing some basics on the routine and retaining it helps a lot. When you have your basics right, you can hit big shots more frequently. With a steady routine, you will be familiar with your surroundings, and play better when you are under pressure. Here are some tips

You should start assessing the shot, when you approach the ball. The pin position and slopes should be considered, so you choose the appropriate club and right shot.

  • Before taking out your club, check on the grass where the ball lies and assess the type of shot you want to try to get the ball closer to the hole. The club and shot height should be chosen
  • Your grip is important. So focus on your hands and make sure they are held in the right posture, before you approach the ball
  • With your grip intact move to the side of your ball and give sufficient space for your practice swing. Match the swing with that of the shot you are going to play in both height and length. The practice swing helps gauge the swing’s length too. This helps to visualize where you want the ball to land, so you can execute it better
  • Next is the set up part and swing. Place the club behind your ball and ensure the club is facing the target line. Now position your body right in line with the target and the club. When you have the right stance, have a look at where you want the ball to land and make the swing. The important part here is to not wait before you swing. Waiting causes tension, which is bad for the fluidity of your swing. So swing just after you take the final look at the target.
  • Towards the end of your shot, hold the final stance until your ball stops. You will get the right feedback on the result of your swing and its length. This helps in muscle memory, so your body and brain work well together making you good at your shots.

Since practice makes perfect you should try taking the most from your shots and assimilate as maximum of the experience as possible.

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Those who are adventurous area also able to take some time after their golfing exploits, to enjoy some of the country’s deep sea fishing expeditions, among a host of other water sporting activities that line the sea shore. Truly Portugal is paradise not just for the avid golfer, but it is one place where anyone would be happy to visit at any time of the year.


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