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Golf Towel Training Drill: Tips You’ve Never Heard Before

The Towel Drill is perhaps the easiest and most commonly used training drill by the golfers. We’ll show you how to use this drill to improve the contact and compression.

The reason we pay special attention on the contact and compression is because these two elements helps in distance control and improves your overall consistency. Just by improving these two aspects – distance control and consistency, players can see clear improvement in their score.

Why should you choose the tower drill?

The towel drill isn’t the only method to improve consistency and distance control, but it’s the easiest and simplest. There are many training tools in the market that can do the job for you, but why spend on these tools when you can train for free. Also, you don’t have to carry any specialized equipment to the driving range. If you’re to carry specialized tools to train each and every golf shot, your whole kit will be filled with it. Luckily, you don’t have to carry anything other than a standard towel. Golfers can try this drill anytime they want. All that’s needed is an iron club, a ball, and a towel.

What’s the importance of the towel drill?

Golfers rely on contact and compression to avoid hitting fat shots. You might think that the contact and compression being part of the golf fundamentals will be easy for golfers to master. Most golfers understand the importance and working of these two elements. But, that doesn’t mean they can successfully strike down the ball ((i.e.) making contact with the ball before the ground) consistently. You can master the contact and compression with the help of this easy towel drill.

The towel drill explained

Assume a normal golf stance and place a towel an inch or two behind the ball. Now play your normal golf swing, but ensure that the club hits the ball without touching the towel. Keep in mind to place the towel flat to avoid scraping its top with the club during the downswing. Furthermore, avoid contact with the towel during the takeaway.

Begin the drill with the 9-iron. Practice 10 to 15 shots with the 9-iron club. Once you’re confident of getting the contact and compression right, move to a lower club size, preferably, the 8-iron. It’s unadvisable to practice this drill with 6-iron or longer. That’s because, clubs that are longer have a shallow approach angle. Longer clubs will come into contact with the towel even with a perfect swing.

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Those who are adventurous area also able to take some time after their golfing exploits, to enjoy some of the country’s deep sea fishing expeditions, among a host of other water sporting activities that line the sea shore. Truly Portugal is paradise not just for the avid golfer, but it is one place where anyone would be happy to visit at any time of the year.


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