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Quick Tips For Planning A Solo Golf Getaway In Spain

If you’ve set your mind on a golf getaway in Spain, the toughest choice you’ll need to make is whether to plan a solo trip or opt for a tour company to arrange your vacation. Certainly, those who love adventure prefer to go solo, and not think too much ahead and prepare to go with the flow. But, even the most fun loving golfer would feel that a golf getaway should be somewhat planned to avoid any last minute surprises.

So, here are some quick tips for planning a solo golf trip in Spain, from the point of view of a golf enthusiast.

It’s never too early to start planning

When you’ve decided on a solo trip it’s quite critical to start planning early. Not doing so is the single biggest mistake that golfers make. Some golf enthusiasts who have had plenty of experience in taking solo vacation advice initiating the process at least six months in advance.

Take some time to check rates of hotels and golf courses in Spain

Even if this is not your first solo getaway to Spain, it’s best to revisit the rates again. In Spain, there are 300+ golf courses and many are among the best in the world. Over the years, some have reduced the rates – placing them in your ‘Affordable places to stay and play list’. Look around; there are plenty of courses that cost just 30-40 Euros per round, buggy included.

Where to stay and where to play

There is an opinion that golfers shouldn’t travel a lot. So, pick a region and cover the golf courses in that area. As mentioned above, you’ll find a dizzying number of courses in Spain.

  • The Costa Blanca region alone has over 33 golf courses,
  • The Cost Brava, which is to the north of Barcelona borders France and not far away from the United Kingdom.
  • If you’re not too fond of playing golf in the rain, then Costa de Almeria should be your pick. This region receives the most sun, has the warmest winters, and sees the least amount of rain.

Options available are plenty, so do some research on the various golf regions in Spain. In choosing the place to play, create a checklist with parameters that a region/course should satisfy, and pick the area with the most number of ticks.

Getting to Spain and getting around

  • To save some money on flight expense, travel before or after the peak season.
  • Certain airlines ask golfers to sign a waiver form, releasing them from responsibility, in case any damage occurs to the golf clubs during transit. Don’t risk it; pack the clubs in a solid case and use socks or towels for clubhead padding.
  • While planning a solo golf getaway the appeal of cutting corners and saving some money on transportation can be irresistible. Be practical; hiring a driver will save you a lot of trouble and prevent any mishap from happening.
  • If you’re planning on a short trip, then staying in a top rated resort will be ideal. One the other hand, a trip that covers many areas can be best enjoyed by staying in small, reasonably priced accommodations.

In total, plan ahead and choose well to have a thoroughly enjoyable solo golf getaway in Spain.

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Start Your Adventure Now!

Those who are adventurous area also able to take some time after their golfing exploits, to enjoy some of the country’s deep sea fishing expeditions, among a host of other water sporting activities that line the sea shore. Truly Portugal is paradise not just for the avid golfer, but it is one place where anyone would be happy to visit at any time of the year.


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